www.sadwelkar.com is not a business or promotional site.

This site and all the pages in it have been put up by me, Neil Sadwelkar as an information resource only. No sponsorship from any company or individual is received to make and maintain this site or any pages in it. In simple words, no one pays me to say what I've said in this site. And no one pays for this site. (It's not free, I'm paying for it from my pocket)

For some time now I've started taking in ads from Google Ads. If this in anyway influences my views, I'll reconsider.

I'm an editor and a consultant. Editor of the kind that cuts films and videos and TV commercials. I work on Avid and FCP systems. And consultant ofthe kind that advises people on what they should buy, how they should set it up and run it to make lots of money.

The reasons for putting up a site like this are that, one, it is possible - without much trouble or expense, And, its easy to address a lot of users simultaneously and say, "Check on my web site". Rather than to actually answer each question individually. It also sounds cool.

In the pages on this site, not each and every word I've written and procedure I've described has been actually tried out by me. It could be something I've read or someone has told me about. But I'm reasonably certain that what I've written in these pages works. I'm making no absolute promises about that, though. Because with any software and hardware, no one can predict what can happen on each and every system out there. So, if, after trying out something I've written about, you damage your machine, your house or your sanity, or anything else, please don't blame me.

Also, I try to make the site as current as possible. But if you read this stuff and make a purchase decision only to find something newer, better and cheaper that I haven't described, please don't blame me. Do youir own research before placing your money on anything.

Neil Sadwelkar



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