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Two friends of mine started this Indian media practitioners resource site
called Part of this site was an e-mag called Creative-i which was weekly.
Creative-i first came out on 16th October 2003.

In the months past, this site unfortunately ran out of steam.
In part because, we who ran it, had other things to do just to make a living.
And, financial support for this venture wasn't as forthcoming as we had imagined.
The site itself has vanished. But before it did, I saved the articles I wrote, as pdf files.
That's what the links below lead to.

Links to some of my articles

Software-only NLEs - the low down

Make Me a Small mPeg

Screen Realty - a Primer

Back Up - Road Block Ahead!

Web-prowl for Audiophiles

Adobe Premiere Turns Pro

Introduction to Liquids - Pinnacle LE Pro - Pt-II

Introduction to Liquids - Pinnacle LE Pro - Pt-I

A sharp Blade!

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